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How long does it take to get done to order custom colours?

Custom colours will typically take 3-5 working days to be formulated. The turnaround time will be affected by the number of orders that we are currently processing and the quantity that you are purchasing.

Are custom made colours done in any size?

No, typically custom colours are formulated by 5 gallon buckets when made to order. However, we do often stock custom made colours not seen in our standard colour chart from previous orders in 1 gallon buckets, quarts and 5 gallon buckets. You can come in to our sales office during our regular opening hours to preview what we currently have in stock, you may find that the colour you desire is already pre-formulated.

What Sizes are Available in Trowel-On?

Trowel-on is sold by 5 gallon buckets exclusively. Trowel-on requires a larger quantity for application surfaces and would therefore need to be purchased with this minimum in mind.

What Colours Are Available for Trowel-On?

Trowel-on can be done in a range of colours from light, medium to deep shades. We recommend that deeper shades of trowel-on should be used in conjunction with our surface conditioner and sealer to ensure that colour fade is minimal and that finishes will last and extended period of time.

How is Trowel-On Priced?

Trowel-on price is determined by quantity and shade of colour. We categorize our colours based on the amount of pigment required. These include light, medium and deep. For further information on pricing please contact our sales office where our capable staff will be able to give you a comprehensive price review.

Can your paints be applied in areas close by the sea?

Yes, our paints can be applied in areas close to the sea. If you would like to re-inforce colours and extend the durability of our paints we recommend our surface conditioner and sealer which can applied as a thin coat over finished applications. We also recommend using this sealer with trowel on finishes.

Can I choose other colours that are not currently available on your colour chart?

Yes, we offer done to order custom colours and also have other non-standard colours available at our head office from previous batches. Come into our offices or call us to find out about colour availability.

What colours do you generally have in stock?

We typically stock a range of colours from our standard colour chart and from previous orders. Come in or call our sales office to find out which colours are currently in stock.

Where can I find a diamond paints location?

Diamond paints has two locations. Our head office is located at 67 Waltham Park Road Kinston 11. Our Montego Bay office is located at Unit J, Sagicor Complex Freeport.

Are salespeople available on request to examine a space for paint application?

Yes, we have sales teams in the field that are available to examine and recommend the best products for use on your home, office, construction site or other space. Contact our sales office and let us connect you to one of our diligent and capable sales staff members.

What types of paints do you sell?

We sell a variety of paint solutions. These include Flat Emulsion Paints, Premium Flat Emulsion Paints, Semi-Gloss Paints, Low Sheen Emulsion Paints, Oil Paints, Road Marking Paints, Trowel-On and Textured Finishes, Floor Paints and Tennis Court Paints. To find out more visit our products section.

What is the best type of paint to use in heavy traffic areas?

The type of paint will depend on the surface being painted. For walls ceilings and pre-primed wood and metallic surfaces use Diamond D-200 Semi-Gloss Paints. For wood and metals that have not been primed use Diamond D-300 Oil Paints. For floors use Diamond Floor Paints.

Can I use your paints in my kitchen or bathroom?

Yes our paints are specially formulated to withstand weathering, exposure to water and high winds. The ideal paint for these areas are our D-200 Semi Gloss Formulations or our D-300 Oil Paints.

What are the prices for your paints?

Paint prices will vary based on the colour grade and type of paint. Please contact us or come in to our sales office to get exact pricing.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from Monday – Friday at 8:30am – 5:00pm. Opening hours are sometimes extended during the Christmas and Promotional Sales period.

Do you offer special discounted rates for purchases in large quantities?

Yes, it is possible to get discounted rates for large quantities. This discount will be subject to the approval of our sales and accounts department. In addition, we offer discounted prices during certain promotional periods. Call us or come in to find out more about possible discounts and current or future promotions.

Do you offer paint application services?

No we do not currently offer paint application services. However, we can recommend reputable applicators for your next project.

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