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Diamond Acrylic Trowel On
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What is Trowel-On?

Trowel-on is a Styrene Acrylic based compound that provides a textured protective coating to a variety of surfaces.

Why choose Diamond Acrylic Trowel-On?

Our Trowel-on is specially formulated to protect and beautify the chosen application surface(s). It is ideal for both interior and exterior areas and can be customized to suit individual tastes. The product is able to capture vibrant hues like rich reds, brilliant yellows, vivid shades of greens as well as more delicate pastel colours.

Each formulation can be further enhanced to ensure that colour fade is minimized increasing the application's longevity. The typical life-span of an application is an estimated 10-12 years, depending on the colour chosen and the prior condition of the work surface. We ensure that our trowel-on is manufactured in adherence with the highest industry standards resulting in a product that delivers consistent results on a multitude of surface types.

Is Trowel-On right for my project?

Trowel-on is ideal for almost any interior or exterior surface. It can be applied in various ways to produce unique textures and patterns. Formulations come in both flat, and semi-gloss varieties, which means it can replace regular paint in any renovating project. Because of its durability, applications will not need to be retouched for at least 10 years or more. If you are a prudent consumer or in need of substantial batches for large-scale projects then Trowel-on will reliably meet your requirements. Our trained representatives will guide you in the selection process and ensure that your requirements are completely fulfilled.

Can Trowel-on be applied to older surfaces?

Trowel-On is ideal for surfaces that may have a few cracks or that show visible signs of wear and tear. The textured base of the product acts as both a decorative and protective coating which means that it will conceal all visible imperfections. Once applied correctly, the product is guaranteed to deliver superb results.

Visit our Gallery Section to view the remarkable results that you can attain using our Trowel-On, get further information via our Technical Data Sheets or read more about the application process.

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Trowel-on Calculator

Find out how much trowel on you will need for a specific application surface. The amount of trowel on required will depend on the grade of trowel on being used and surface condition. On average one bucket of fine grade trowel on will cover 120 square feet, one bucket of medium grade trowel on will cover 100 square feet and one bucket of coarse textured trowel on will cover 90 square feet. Enter the value based on the grade of trowel on being used. *Input measurements must be in Square Meters or Square Feet. Each bucket contains 5 gallons of product.


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