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Diamond Paints Colour Guide

We specialize in customizable colours that can be tweaked to suit each client's unique requirements. Our Trowel-on, is particularly formulated to withstand severe weather conditions specific to the tropics and will not need to be retouched for at least 5-7 years. We also have several colours in stock for the modest consumer who has simpler colour needs. Review our standard colour chart or be inspired by our selection of featured custom colours using our colour picker tool . Custom made colours are done to order by 5 gallon buckets, however these may also be in stock in smaller quantities. Contact our sales office to find out what is currently available and let us help you develop an ideal colour palette.

Choosing The Perfect Colour
Creating Lasting Beauty

Choosing the perfect colour for any particular project can be an exciting experience for the eager home-owner or decorator once practicality, functionality and creativity are all equally considered. While the end result will largely reflect individual sensibilities, making a conscious decision to create spaces that are appealing yet inviting is always ideal when initiating a painting project.

Size Matters

The first thing that any home-owner or decorator should consider is the size of the area being painted. If the space is large then deeper shades or vivid colours can be used throughout without making the area seem confining. For smaller spaces lighter shades that create an effect of openness are ideal. This does not mean that a smaller room is restricted to the use of lighter colours. How the size impacts the colour choices will largely depend on the ambiance that you would like to create in that particular space. If you would like the room to feel warm and cozy then a combination of deeper earth tones and lighter hues, albeit with a few other decorative touches, can be utilized in both large or small spaces. The key is to balance the colours you choose with the dimensions of the room and its inhabiting objects.

The Lighting Factor

The lighting in a room can affect how the chosen colour theme appears on painted areas. Natural light reflects the paint's truest hue, while fluorescent lighting may give the walls a slight tinge of blue. Always consider the type of lighting in the area being coated to ensure the best possible results. Does the room use overhead lighting versus light produced by a lamp or other similar electrical source? Will the space be exposed to ample sunlight or is it enclosed in an area that does not receive much natural light? And will the chosen colour create a pleasing effect against the existing lighting source?

Make a Statement

Your colour choices can make a drab room look exciting and wonderful. Bold colours like scintillating reds, exotic greens and luminous yellows can add a bit of flair to any room re-design. For even more visual interest consider blending tones and hues to create a room that is both charming and inviting. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours. Think of unusual combinations and create a colour theme that sets your space apart. Start with the basic primary colours and work your way through to tertiary and complementary colours. Knowing the elements of colour will allow easier visualization of your re-design.

Consider Textured Finishes

Textured finishes are often used on exterior walls but can give interior walls new life. Various stylistic effects can be achieved with a multi-purpose paste placed on the wall prior to painting or with trowel-on. Both can be manipulated to create the desired texture with the exception that trowel-on is pre-tinted with the colour of choice.

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